Voiding or refunding a payment made in Carpay is a two-part process due to the fact that your merchant account does not directly communicate to your DMS.

Part one:

Void the payment in your DMS so that your customer doesn't get credited for the payment you are about to refund.

Note: You must first accept the payment in your DMS, then void it. You will not be able to void transactions coming from Carpay until you have "approved" them.

After you have posted the payment to the customer's account and voided the payment you can move on to part two.

Part Two:

 This is how you'll actually initiate the refund back to the customer's card

In Carpay you will need to pull up the recent payment that you wish to refund. 

Note: Once submitted, refunds can take up to 3 ‐ 5 business days to reflect in your/your customer's bank account.

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