1. Question: Is there a long-term contract with Carpay?

Answer: No. No commitment with using Carpay and no cancellation fees if you decide to stop using Carpay

2. Question: How long does my money take to deposit after a customer pays through Carpay?

Answer: 24 - 48 hours; the same it takes for most credit card processing.

3. Question: What happens if I submit for having a vehicle repossessed and then a customer tries to make a payment through Carpay?

Answer: On your Carpay Dealer Dashboard, you can "Block" customers. Carpay will notify blocked customers to contact you if they try to pay through Carpay.

4. Question: What if I don't accept partial payments?

Answer: There is a setting on the Carpay Dealer Dashboard that allows you to allow/disallow partial payments

5. Question: Can I take down payments on Carpay?

Answer: Yes, you can use your physical terminal or the Carpay virtual terminal to process down payments.

6. Question: Is there a way I can see all of my payments from my phone; say if I'm not in the office or at the auction?

Answer: Yes, you'll be able to access your Carpay dealer dashboard from any web or mobile browser, which will display a list of every payments that has been entered in to your DMS from any payment source (including Carpay).

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