Smart Auto-Pay has various different purposes:

✅ Provide a few extra days grace to your customer, by altering the due dates.
✅ Allow your customer to pay with Auto-Pay on different frequencies.
✅ Re-structure the entire loan, without all the extra paperwork.  Including the regular installment schedule, side notes, or pick up payments.
✅ Split an installment into multiple smaller ones.

Please note that in order to integrate any of the features outlined above, your customer must first be enrolled in auto-pay.

Providing a one-time payment extension:

  • Click into the customer, then click on "Smart-Auto Pay".

  • Find the installment which you would like to change the due-date.

  • On the far-right, click the pencil icon.

  • Enter in the new due date (must be in the future) and set the fees, if necessary.

Splitting an installment into multiple smaller ones:

  • Click into the customer, then click on "Smart-Auto Pay".

  • Find the installment which you would like to split up.

  • Click on the pencil button, then enter in the amount you would like to change.  Example, if we split an installment into 2, then enter half into the amount field.

  • Then, click on "Actions" and click "Add Single Payment".  Enter in the remaining half of the payment amount, with the new due date.

  • Voila, you've just split their installment into two.

Overriding/Building your own installment schedule:

  • With Smart Auto-Pay and at your discretion, you can move your customer's due dates to a day of their choosing by overriding the schedule in place.

  • You can also change the frequency at which payments are drafted.  Example, if a customer has monthly installments but would prefer to pay weekly instead.

  • To begin, click into the customer, then click on "Smart-Auto Pay".

  • Select the "Action" button towards the top right.  Then select "Build Custom Schedule."

  • Choose the frequency which the installments should draft: weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly.  You can enter in the amount of the payment that you would like to draft, and leave the number of payments blank (keep "Continue Until Paid Out" checked).  By doing this, Smart Auto-Pay will automatically create a schedule with the dollar amount that you entered and at the frequency you entered.


  • If you build your own schedule, the customer will not be able to view this on their account.  They will only see the original payment schedule.  However, the payments will draft according to the Smart Auto-Pay schedule that you built.

  • The Smart Auto-Pay feature will automatically stop drafting payments once the customer's balance is paid in full.

  • The Smart Auto-Pay feature will add additional installments if necessary towards the end of the loan, if needed to pay in full.

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