**Note: You first must have requested the Work Late Accounts feature to be added to your Carpay account for the feature to be accessible.

The Work Late Accounts feature can be added to your dealer portal, if you need extra communications sent to your most delinquent customers.

  • Communications include text and/or email notifications.
  • Customers are enrolled in a sequence of notifications which are sent out on set days (example: customers which are 5 days past due, 10 days past due, 15 days past due, etc.).
  • Customers must be manually selected/enrolled in the sequences.
  • As customers make their payment, they are automatically removed from the email sequences.
  • You can use our pre-built sequence, or build your own (just let your Carpay representative know).
  • Preview the sequences by clicking on "Sequence Library."

How to enroll customers in Work Late Accounts

1️⃣ Click on Work Late Accounts.
2️⃣ Click on + Add Customer.
3️⃣ Add the customer(s) you want to enroll (you can add more than one at a time).
4️⃣ Select which sequence to enroll the customer(s) in.
5️⃣Designate the start date.
6️⃣Click Add.

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