The Work Late Accounts feature can be added to your dealer portal, if you need extra communications sent to your most delinquent customers.

  • Communications include text and/or email notifications.

  • Customers are enrolled in a sequence of notifications which are sent out on set days (example: customers which are 5 days past due, 10 days past due, 15 days past due, etc.).

  • Customers must be manually selected/enrolled in the sequences.

  • As customers make their payment, they are automatically removed from the email sequences.

  • You can use our pre-built sequence, or build your own (just let your Carpay representative know).

  • Preview the sequences by clicking on "Sequence Library."

How to enroll customers in Work Late Accounts

1️⃣ Click on Work Late Accounts.
2️⃣ Click on + Add Customer.
3️⃣ Add the customer(s) you want to enroll (you can add more than one at a time).
4️⃣ Select which sequence to enroll the customer(s) in.
5️⃣Designate the start date.
6️⃣Click Add.

How to auto-enroll customers in Work Late Accounts

1️⃣ Navigate to your dealership settings. From there you can enable the WLA Auto-Enroll.

2️⃣ Navigate to Work Late Accounts and you can set which messages you want to send automatically depending on your customer’s payment frequencies (WLA -> Actions -> Auto-Enroll Settings).

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