I have a customer claiming that they never received a text message notification. Am I able to see if they did or not?

Yes! With the “Communications” feature, you are able to see if a text message and/or email was successfully delivered or if a text and/or email was not delivered.

To view these Communications features:

  1. Go to the “Communications” tab
  2. Click on the “Delivered” tab to view all text/emails that were successfully delivered
  3. Click on the “Non-Delivered” tab to view any text/emails that were not successful
  4. You also are able to export this data for your records!

Communications Tab:

Within this Delivered tab, you are able to view all of the notifications that were delivered and if they were successful:

If a notification failed and did not go through, you would be able to view this on the Non-Delivered tab:

You can also export this data into a pdf. or a csv file for safe keeping!

Now, when a customer tells you they “never got” the text or email, you are able to check and see!

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