You and your customer can now see CPI payments due on their account!

To enable this feature to work you will have to contact your Customer Success Specialist to have it turned on. We want to make sure the following is in place to ensure this feature works properly for you and your customers.

Note: Payments with Managed Fees will NOT auto post to Wayne Reaves.

In Wayne Reaves

  • You will have to add the Fee you want to charge to your customer’s account.

    • Double click the account you want to add Fees to.

    • Open Payments tab at top.

    • Scroll down to Manage Fees.

  • Fill in the Info for FEE 1 (Photo 1)

    • Description: CPI

    • Type:

    • Vendor:

    • Amount:

    • Cost:

    • End Date: Should match day last payment is due

    • You will then want to integrate the CPI payments with the payment schedule to ensure the payments are paid only at the time the regular scheduled payment is due. (Photo 2)

    • Save and Exit

  • When you Click Fee Schedule, this is what you will see

How Manage Fees is shown in Carpay:

  • You will see that the total amount due includes any unpaid CPI Fees

  • You can see a more in-depth break down of the payment amount due along with any fees (such as CPI) by clicking on “View Suggested Payment Breakdown” and a pop-up appears showing you the amounts due that equal the total balance owed.

  • When your customer logs in to Carpay and they click make a payment it will bring up this screen and show them the same breakdown you saw previously. Included in that will be any CPI Fees.

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