Activating Your Dealership Carpay Account

Activating Your Dealership Carpay Account

We know commitment can be hard. That’s why we’ve created an activation process that’s as easy as five steps with no commitment needed. Completing the five steps means you’re on your way to reducing your delinquency and increasing your dealership’s revenue. Now that’s something worth getting on board with!

STEP 1: Setup

Think of this as us meeting for the first time.
  1. Check all the boxes that apply to your dealership. Do you currently offer credit card processing? Do you use an RFC for your BHPH Accounts? Do you have multiple locations selling BHPH accounts?
  2. Select the dealer management software that your dealership uses. Wayne Reaves, DeskManager, Frazer, etc.
  3. Input your business phone number, contact email, and approximate active loans you currently maintain.

STEP 2: Business Info

Think of this as us getting to know you.
  1. Fill in the legal business information for your dealership.
  2. What is your entity type? What month and year did you start your business?
  3. Fill in your Federal Tax ID (EIN).

Business Info

STEP 3: Owner Info

Think of this as us becoming best friends.
  1. Fill in the dealership owner information. *Don’t worry, our website is secure and your SSN is safe with us.
  2. We want your autograph! Write your signature using your mouse or touch screen.

Owner Info

STEP 4: Bank Info

We are now officially best friends.
  1. Upload a voided check for your dealership.
  2. (Optional) Upload a previous merchant statement. This is not required but allows us to offer a competitive rate.

Bank Info

STEP 5: Schedule a Carpay software training.

Did we just become best friends?

We want you to learn from our experts. Schedule a training time with our Customer Success team so you too, can become an expert at using all the features that Carpay has to offer!

*We strongly encourage you to make the time for your training call. This is when you’re able to have all of your questions answered and learn how to make Carpay work the best for your dealership.

Onboarding Scheduler
Onboarding Scheduler pt 2

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