Payment Requests

How to Use Payment Requests

The Payment Requests feature allows you to create an invoice directly within the Carpay portal to easily send to your customers via text or email. Once you send the invoice to your customers, they will be able to make the payment right away!

Payment Requests feature:
  • Makes it easier to collect payments non-loan related (such as down payments, service work, misc. fees, etc.)
  • Provides a detailed invoice that is sent directly to the customer
  • Creates a hassle free way to collect payments from customers for services provided to them

Using the Payment Requests feature

1. Click on the “Payment Requests” tab on the left-hand side of the screen under the navigation bar
2. Select “+Add New Invoice” in the right-hand corner

Invoice creation

3. Enter in the requested information:
  • Phone Number (if sending invoice by text, this is the number that will receive the texted invoice)**
  • Customer Email (if sending invoice by email, make sure you enter a valid email address)**
  • Summary (example: Joe Smith - Oil change and AC repair)
  • Description (example: Joe Smith - Oil change and AC repair)**
  • Amount Owed**
  • Click the “Add” button next to “Details” if you want to add additional charges to the invoice
  • You can "Add" a convenience fee, if that is something you implement
  • Private Notes (example: Joe Smith - 3rd time fixing his AC in the past month)**.
Private notes will transfer to the memo on the "Paid Invoices" tab and the "Recent Payments" page. Make sure you enter anything here that you want to be visible and searchable on the other pages. This information is private/hidden from the customer.

** indicates that the field is required to create invoice

4. Click “Save & Send”
  • The customer will receive the invoice in their email, or via text message to their phone. They can then click on the "Pay Now" button in the message to pay the invoice.
Create invoice

Once the invoice is paid, it will move over from the “Active Invoices” tab to the “Paid Invoices” tab.

You have the option to download the invoice histories as a CSV or PDF at any time.

  • If a customer pays via credit card, the invoice will automatically move to the “Paid Invoices” tab.
  • If a customer pays via cash, you can manually move the invoice to the “Paid Invoices” tab by selecting the drop-down menu under the “Actions Column” and selecting “Mark Paid.”
  • If the invoice is manually marked paid, it will NOT show under the recent payments tab.

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