Sync Data AutoManager

Syncing data between AutoManager and Carpay

If you are finding that the payment data in AutoManager is different than what is showing in Carpay or vice versa, it might mean you need to sync the two platforms.

Two simple steps will get you on the right track:

1. You need to upload your active BHPH to Carpay in the morning.
  • Click “Tools”
  • Click “Upload Active BHPH to Carpay”
Upload Active BHPH to Carpay

2. Download payment data everyday or every time there is a pending payment so that the list is up-to-date.
  • Click “Tools”

  • Click “Download Payment Data”

Download Payment Data

NOTE: If you do not download payment data each day, the payments will show as pending in Carpay. If you follow these steps and the data is still not syncing, please reach out to

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