What are all the methods to make a payment?

What are all the methods to make a payment?

You can make a payment on Carpay by using any of the following options:
  1. Online: by going to https://pay.carpay.com

  2. Mobile App: through the Carpay mobile apps. You can download them from within the Apple Store for iPhone, or the Google Play Store for Android.

  3. By Phone: by calling (877) 9-CARPAY.

  4. Direct to your Lender: If you are unable to make your payment or access your loan through on of Carpay's channels, please contact your lender directly.

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    • Managing Auto-Pay

      To manage Auto-pay, you must be logged in as a registered user. Logging in as a guest will not allow you to make changes to Auto-Pay.  After you make a payment, the system will ask if you would like to store the Credit Card & enable Auto-Pay. ...
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      Once logged in, click Account Settings: Then, check/uncheck the boxes for the reminders you'd like to receive: